Sunday, 26 January 2014

We have no art, we do everything as well as we can

There's a fine exhibition of Pop Art Design at the Barbican at the moment.  Unfortunately they won't let you take pictures (because then you wouldn't buy the book or the postcard or the fridge magnets) but you can find pictures of most of the stuff on the interwebs.  Here's a little montage. 

It is a shame about the no photo rule because the works are well laid out and the juxtaposition of them is part of the appeal. For example, I would have like to have shown you a picture of a Litchenstein alongside a mirror which was reflecting a Warhol Marilyn and the red lipped sofa.  Quite frankly if you'd seen the picture that I was taking in my head you would have rushed to the Barbican to see it for yourself. 

The blurring of the lines between art, Art, design and Design is well demonstrated by the show and it does leave you wondering where the daring has gone.  Is it because it has all been done before? 

There's a lot of furniture involved including a dreadful Allen Jones chair (a piece of Misogynist Furniture which inspired the Racist Chair that did the rounds this week). I wouldn't have wasted gallery space on it.  Could have put in something with more Claes.

Exhibition is on until February 9th.  Worth going. And if you do, take the time to watch the documentary about modern computing (1956) by Charles & Ray Eames.  Interesting pair.

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