Saturday, 18 January 2014

calming seas and desert skies

You know when people come knocking on your door trying to sell you their brand of religion?  There's a reason they do that - it's because they believe. They genuinely think that the thing that they know is so important that your life will be better if you hear about it.
Now, I can't say that it works for me.  Being told/sold what's "good for me", whether it is double glazing, religion or insurance, is pretty much guranteed to make me close the door or put the phone down.  But I want to share something with you. Because I believe.

Beachwood Sparks debut album, Desert Skies, recorded way back in the 20th century, was released at the tail end of last year.  You should hear it.  You can come round and listen or get a copy of your own.  Either way, get some Beachwood Sparks into your life.  You'll feel all the better for it!


paintings by thenewcornpoppy

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