Monday, 13 January 2014

see that my grave is kept clean

Travellers get a bad press, mostly because, as with most prejudice, there is a lack of understanding between two different cultures.  By Travellers here I mean gypsies, Romanies, Roma, Irish Travellers, rather than back packers or tourists.  People who for generations have led a nomadic existence, living on the road, following seasonal work and weather. Round here a lot of travellers came for the strawberry picking.  A lot of them stayed, forming a community based around a particular road, Botany Bay Road.
It is wrong to attribute negative values to a whole group of people; is it equally wrong to attribute positive values to an ethnic group? Because I'd like to say that a visit to a nearby cemetery shows how much they honour their dead, their humour and their vibrancy. Especially when compared with the more traditional graves alongside.
Ernest sounds a hoot.

The graves are very personal, reflecting religious beliefs, traditional values and modern preoccupations.  They are well tended, kept clean and planted with fresh flowers, wine bottles and other tributes. 


see that my grave is kept clean, Blind Lemon Jefferson

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