Friday, 4 October 2013

these things you see are not for you, they're mine

Randle Patrick McMurphy: You like to look at other people's cards, huh?
Martini: Yes.

Randle Patrick McMurphyKoufax, Koufax kicks, he delivers. Its up the middle its a base hit! Richardson rounding first he's going for second, the balls into deep right center, Davidson over to cut the ball off, here comes the throw Richardson slides, he's in there, HES SAFE! Its a double, Look at Richardson, he's on second base, Koufax is in big trouble, big trouble baby....
Randle Patrick McMurphyYou guys complain how much you hate it here, and then don't even have the guts to leave! You're all crazy!

Chief Bromden: I knew you wouldn't leave without me


Randle Patrick McMurphyI tried, god dammit. At least I did that.

Nurse Ratchet:  Your hand is staining my window.

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