Wednesday, 9 October 2013

in an English country garden

I've noticed that three quarters of the folk who look at this blog (bless your dear hearts, all of you) are from the US.  I thought I would open a window onto Blighty for you.  Welcome to the neighbourhood. My patch includes the Hamble River, here's a picture I took at work a coupla days ago.
Further upstream you'll find the junction of Maddoxford and Wangfield:
One of my favourite people in the whole world ever, Jackie Leven, who used to cross this little bridge daily wrote:  
The road is dominated at this point by fields of weeping willows, overhanging the road itself, and then the road becomes Wangfield Lane, and passes over a small bridge under which the river Hamble doth flow. It’s a bit chocolate box – too pretty if that’s possible, and reminds me of a Louis MacNeice poem which starts ‘My father, who found the English landscape tame’....
Don't know what he would have made of the cottage below - too pretty by far, but for real.  Right opposite the village cricket green at Emery Down. There's a pub called the Swan a stone's throw away and the little red post box is just up the way.
English woodlands are often improved by follies and other introduced features. Shopping trolleys are a simple addition to the picturesqueness of any landscape.
A this time of year the woods are becoming a riot of colour.  The leaf picture below, taken this afternoon, has not been in any way enhanced, although the leaves have been arranged on a mossy background.

There now follows a dozen pictures of bananas.



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