Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hey, look! A Mondrian X71 Bobcat!

Excellent question, posed by Spinelli.  Spinelli is an artist who lets the art run through her, pouring out, with an inability to stop until she's finished.   But it is all about the painting (or chalk drawing) - when the picture is complete, that is it, what happens to it next is immaterial.  Spinelli is happy to give her art to the world, or allow it to be washed away by the rain.  A true artist.
More words of wisdom, this time from Mikey:  Art school should be the streets.  So over to our everyone's favourite street artist: Banksy.

When a painting or a song or a book is complete you have to give it away.  It belongs to the world.  You can't stop someone from messing about with your picture, or singing the song badly, you can't stop someone from drawing conclusions from your writing different to that which you intended. 
Banksy tried to sell his pictures in NYC a couple of weeks ago for $60 apiece.  One reason that he had few takers is probably that people assumed that the stall was run by someone like this guy (above) who is selling genuine authentic Banksy's.  Can you prove they're not?
I would love to ride in a Mondrian X71 Bobcat.
This piece is entitled Mondrian's Pollocks, bringing together two of the 20th Centuries finest.  Splatter painting; red, yellow, blue and black and white. 
This was, of course, created by an 8 year old who accidentally dropped a bowl of yogurt.   

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