Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bless you Bonnie Seymour

inspiration comes where you find it, a newspaper, a Clash album cover, a John Lennon movie from the 60's, a half forgotten nursery rhyme, a Life magazine Photo of the Decade, wherever.  You might have to be careful someone else didn't get there first.
bless you bonnie seymour (detail), korupt, southampton
kill television 1, non prophet, southampton
kill television 2, non prophet, southampton 
oh, what a loverly war, korupt, southampton
three blind mice, korupt, southampton

second coming, korupt, southampton
michael o'brien, streaker at twickenham 1974, ian bradshaw

 streaker, pickourbricks.com
star wars streaker, david eger

streaker t-shirt
bless you bonnie seymour, korupt, southampton

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