Tuesday, 1 October 2013

All art is plagiarism

To what extent is the use of "found" materials acceptable in art?  Warhol's soup cans are an example.  Warhol painted pictures of the cans, that is, he didn't simply photograph them, he painstakingly copied cans for four dozen canvasses.  Some of these canvasses featured a single can, others as many as two hundred (I painted so many cans of soup today it almost made me weep).  He also made new Brillo boxes, rather than acquiring prefabbed boxes (I have a brillo box and I say its art, its the same one you can buy in any supermarket)

Other artists, including Obey/Shepard Fairey, have been criticised for appropriating imagery without attribution.   Fairey has been accused of using images from the political left and using them in settings which are essentially capitalistic or right wing. Picasso may have said All artists borrow, great artists steal but Fairey's wholescale looting has been considered beyond the pale.

These pictures were all found.  You can probably find them yourself in the sample pictures folder on your computer.  By putting them in this setting can I claim them as an original art piece?

found sample pictures, #thenewcornpoppy

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