Wednesday, 2 October 2013

a confident boot for a confident person

makes you feel safe doesn't it

El-Pez characters can't help but make you smile.  But if the wall art is accompanied by a web address that takes you to a website selling El-Pez branded clothing, shoes, watches does this make the art no more than an advertising poster.  Does it stop being art and become (merely) design.  There's no reason why such an artist shouldn't have a website selling clothing, shoes, watches.  They do look good. 

This one has a website included too, however appears to be a youth hostel in Rio.

Don't know about this one.  No website, see.  Like it a lot.

Could look at Hueman's work all day.  And still not have a clue what's going on.

DALeast.  Who's Banksy?
All of this in Shoreditch, East London

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