Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lost in spaces

A month ago this blog muttered something about answering the question What is Art?  Not all at once in a Big Reveal but by posting a 100 ideas, quotes, notes, opinions and images which, when taken together, would contribute in a small way to shade the question.  It didn't take long to lose focus. 

Time to get back on track.

Argus:   Money is difficult to handle in art and all the more so within street art, it's both a recognition and something dangerously polluting

One of these is attributed to Banksy, the other isn't.  Is one of them good and the other not?   Is one of them worth something and the other worthless?

No apologies for repeating this one.   Bonnie had a great idea.  (If you don't know what it was , look her up.)

This one is not great art.  But The Dog seems to like it.

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